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Safety Sytem

Jaw pressure switch that senses
resistance in the jaws during
closing ensuring the operator
will not be harmed.

Touch Screen

7" colored high-resolution touch
screen operator interface panel
which allows for better graphics
and more information per page.

Light Curtains

Dual Sensors interrupt the
cycle and opens the seal
assembly if an obstruction
is sensed.

Automatic Film
Feed Assist

Web Feed

Precise, servo-driven
web feeding

Right-Sizing Sensor

Fiber optic eye senses the
size of your product and will
cut the package to the
appropriate length.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic eye senses the
size of your product and will
cut the package to the
appropriate length.

Label Swing Arm

Auto Labeler with fully
integrated mounting system
with easy front access for
roll change or service work.

Web System

Single web system with
center-folder eliminates
the need for adjustment/
alignment of two webs
of material.

Deflector Plate

Strategically positioned deflector
plate to help the package
discharge onto the conveyor in a
more consistent manner so
address information/barcodes
will be positioned appropriately
for downstream scanning

End of Roll Sensor


Self-centering guides
keep rolls aligned
and centered
correctly while
moving through
the system.

Roll lift

No heavy lifting
with the Pneumatic
roll lift.

Finished Package

One longitudinal seal which
enhances security of the

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Increase fulfillment speed, decrease labor costs! The PACjacket3 system automatically seals your product in a light-weight ultra-protective bubble mailer made from a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of co-extruded polyethylene film. 

Quality, precision, and speed were what we had in mind for our customers when we developed the PACjacket3 automated packaging solution. Our new single web design produces a high-quality seal that offers greater security for its contents by reducing the number of heat seals necessary to produce a finished package off the system.

The multitude of enhancements designed into this new PACjacket3 have increased our throughput speeds up to an astounding 25% when comparing to previous generations of the automated packaging system.

On an average the PACjacket3 machine produces 15-20 bags per minute using protective bubble film.* By comparison, a person hand-loading and sealing kraft bubble mailers puts out an average of 3 bags per minute.* Increasing fulfillment efficiency by 400 to 500%!

*Output Varies

Added Features:

  • 7" Full-Color Touch Screen
  • Single Web System
  • Right Sizing Fiber Optic Eye Sensor
  • Dual Sensor Safety System
  • End of Roll Sensor
  • No Heavy Lifting with Pneumatic Roll Lift


  • Electrical: 208 - 240V, 40 AMP   50/60 Hz
  • Air: 90 PSI (CLEAN, DRY), 3.5 CFM

Capable of running:

  • Standard 7/64" bubble film

Click here for PACjacket3 Product PDF

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