Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the release liner on the Airjacket (poly bubble mailer) silver?

A: This is an anti-static release liner which eliminates static build-up during continuous and rapid removal of the release liner.


Q: What does CCKB mean?

A: Clay Coat Kraft Back. On the Mailjacket (paperboard mailer) the outside is white (Clay Coated) and the inside is natural (Kraft) color.


Q: I want a customized printed mailer, what is the minimum?

A: Usually 25M, depending on size


Q: What are your edge-to-edge printing capabilities/limitations on specific mailer types?

A: On the Airjacket (poly bubble mailer) and Kraft Airjacket (Kraft paper bubble mailer) there is   a 3/8" no print border.

    On the Polyjacket (flat poly mailer) there is a 1/4" no print border.

    On the Mailjacket (paperboard mailer) the print can go all the way to the edges.


Q: Why is the interior of your poly mailers gray?

A: We use gray as a security measure. This prevents people from being able to read through the mailer.


Q: Why is there NO seal on the bottom of our mailers?

A: Our mailers have a fold over bottom which offers greater protection during transit. The bottom will not open or rip.


Q: Are all of your mailers 100% recyclable?

A: All of our mailers are 100% recyclable except for the KraftAirjacket (Kraft paper bubble mailer) as it’s made of paper and plastic, this mix makes the mailer non-recyclable.


Q: Do you carry a white/white board that is NOT bleached and made from recycled fibers?

A: Yes


Q: What is the purpose of a double seal flap?

A: The double seal provides the end-user with the option to return using that same bag. This is also a way to present a “green” alternative to the Recycled and Biodegradable PolyJackets.


Q: Are folding cartons used as a corrugated shipping alternative?

A: No. Folding cartons are used as a primary protection that are typically master packed in corrugated and shipped.


Q: Why do the poly bubble mailers have small pinholes on the sides?

A: The pinholes pierce the bubble in order to seal the bag efficiently and effectively.


Q: Are all of your poly mailers water resistant?

A: Yes


Q: How is the Jumbojacket different from the Airjacket?

A: The Jumbojacket (high-profile poly bubble mailer) is 5 times thicker than the average bubble mailer. It’s great for protecting your more fragile items such as hardcover books and electronic devices such as e-readers and tablet PCs.


Q: Are any of your mailers made of recycled content?

A: Yes. The Polyjacket-R (flat poly mailer) is made with at least 50% recycled content and the Mailjacket (paperboard mailer) is made with 100% recycled content, 95% of which is post-consumer.

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