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PAC Worldwide History

PAC National, Incorporated was founded in Seattle in 1975. We started our business as a broker of corrugated shipping containers to our first customer, Airborne Express. As the overnight courier industry grew, so did PAC National. Innovation became one of the primary drivers of our business as we listened to the changing needs of our customers and developed wholesale packaging solutions to meet them.

PAC Worldwide

In 1996, PAC National began to manufacture its own products. Initially begun as a way to better service our customers' needs, manufacturing allowed PAC to broaden into new products, new markets and new customers. We expanded beyond the courier industry and began to reach into industrial and retail markets.

Wholesale Packaging

PAC Worldwide - Wholesale Packaging

Today we are PAC Worldwide Corporation with facilities in the U.S., Mexico and Malaysia. We have over 500 employees, thousands of customers and ship directly to dozens of countries around the world. The packaging that we manufacture reaches virtually all corners of the earth. Innovation and invention are as important as ever to our growth moving forward. As we think of our humble beginnings, we are proud of what we have accomplished and excited for what the future holds.

PAC Wholesale Packaging

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